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ELPLP78 V13H010L78 Replacement Projector Bulb for EPSON PowerLite 2030 2000 730HD 725HD 97 99W S17 W17 X17 955W 600 VS230 VS330 VS335W EX3220 EX6220 EX7220 EX7230 EX7235 EX5220 ELP78 Lamp

SHIYUSYAA #ad - Resetting the lamp timer-after replacing the projector Bulb lamp, you must reset the lamp timer so that the projector can track lamp usage correctly, Select the Reset menu and press Enter. After-sales service - lbt group's the designated distributor of projector bulb for epson eLPLP78 V13H010L78, and is responsible for all the projector Bulb lamp descriptions and When your light bulb expires naturally within 180 days, a replacement light bulb will be shipped to you free of charge.

Compatible models - fit for epson elplp78/v13h010l78 v13h010l88 v13h010l87 lcp-gf40 powerlite 1222 1262w w15+ w18+ w24+ hc2030 x24+ 955w 965 97 99w s17 w17 x17 2030 2000 730hd 725hd 600 eb-940 eb-945 eb-950w eb-955w eb-965 eb-97 eb-98 eb-s03 eb-s120 eb-s17 eb-s18 eb-s200 eb-sxw03 eb-sxw18 eb-w03 eb-w120 eb-w17 eb-w18 eb-w22 eb-w28 eb-x03 eb-x120 eb-x17 eb-x18 eb-x20 eb-x200 eb-x24 eb-x25 eh-tw410 eh-tw490 eh-tw5100 eh-tw5200 eh-tw570 h550c h551c h552c h553c h554B H554C H555B H555C H556C H557C.

Projection bulb description - lbt group specialize in providing high-quality service of for EPSON ELPLP78 projector lamps Bulb. Has own factory and many experienced workers. This is a new replacement projector lamp bulb, use the same as bright and durable lamp wick as the original bulb. Quality assurance - test before shipment 100% working. Our high quality for epson eplp78 v13h010l78 replacement projector bulb lamp last much longer, and provide a brighter, cleaner light source. Please shut down your Projector when you install it. Replacement lamp life - 3000 normal / after 3000 hours economy.
ManufacturerLBT GROUP #ad
Height4.33 Inches
Length4.33 Inches
Width4.72 Inches

2. EWO'S


EWO'S ELP78 Replacement Lamp Bulb for Epson ELPLP78 ELPLP88 PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 2040 2045 2000 730HD 740HD 725HD VS230 VS330 VS335W EX3220 EX6220 EX7220 EX7230 EX7235 EX5220 EX3240 Projectors

EWO'S #ad - Compatible models : fit for epson elplp78/v13h010l78 elplp88/v13h010l88 powerlite home cinema 2030 2040 2045 2000 1040 730hd 740hd 725hd 600 640, s18+, 965, x20, x25, s18, w22, w15+, tw570, vs330, ex5250, 97, eb-945, ex6220, w18+, w17, x24, ex5220, tw5100, sxw03, ex7235, eh-tw490, powerlite 1222, ex7230, ex7220, ex3220, ex5230, tw410, s17, ex3240, ex5240, vs240, 98, 99w, 965, vs340, w18, 1284, x17, 1263w, tw5200, ex7240, 955w, 1262w, sxw18, S17, EX9200, vs230, vs345, vs335w, x18, X24+ Projectors.

E-morse is the sole designated distributor of EWO'S projector lamps and is responsible for all product descriptions and 180 Days Warranty With 30 days Refund.

Optimized burner design allows any burn-in position, they show a Very Stable Light Output, Moreover, as The High Luminance Decreases Only Slightly Over The Entire Lifetimebetween 3500 and 6000 h. Testing before delivery, excellent Return Service With No Any Condition Within 12 Hours Feedback. New generation a+ lampwick inside bare bulb make it more illustrious and clear enough with the same original functioning.
BrandEWO'S #ad
ManufacturerE-MORSE #ad
Part NumberE-MORSE-78-OHM



CTBAIER ELP78 for Epson ELPLP78 PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 2030 730HD 725HD 600 VS230 VS330 VS335W EX7230 EX7235 EX5220 EX3220 EX6220 EX7220 EH-490 EB-X18 V13H010L78 Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb

CTBAIER #ad - Elplp78 projection lamp v13h010l78, sold by ctbaier, with the same brightness, can accurately match the equipment, durability and output stability as the original factory. Each wick of ctbaier has undergone strict performance test before delivery, to ensure that each wick is of high quality and has a service life of 3000-4000h, so you can rest assured and safely use it.

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of projection light sources with many years of industry experience. The complete bulb module, can be easily replaced when the projector is off, precise matching, with housing, as simple as taking out an old bulb, without the need for a professional operator. Compatible model:for epson cb-x03 eb-945 eb-955w eb-965 eb-995w eb-s03 eb-s120 eb-s17 eb-s18 eb-s200 eb-w03 eb-w120 eb-w18 eb-w22 eb-w28 eb-x03 eb-x120 eb-x18 eb-x18+ eb-x20 eb-x200 eb-x24 eb-x25 eh-tw490 eh-tw5200 ee-tw570 ex3220 ex5220 ex6220 ex7230 pro s18+ vs230 w15+ w18+ x24+ powerlite home cinema 1222 1262w 955w 965 97 99w 2000 2030 725HD 730HD S17 W17 X17.

We will continue to provide you with technical support and after-sales service for 200 days without any condition feedback within 12 hours.
BrandCTBAIER #ad
ManufacturerCTBAIER #ad

4. Araca


Araca ELPLP78 Replacement Projector Lamp with Housing for Epson EX7230 EX5220 EX7235 VS230 EX7220 EX3220 EX5230 VS335W EX6220 VS330 EB-S18 /PowerLite HOME CINEMA 2030 2000 1222 X17 S18+ S17 Economical

Araca #ad - This is an economical bulb, new type of luminescent electrode, a cost-saving option. Projector model: ex7230 ex5220 ex7235 vs230 ex7220 ex3220 ex5230 vs335w ex6220 vs330 eb-s18 v13h010l78 home cinema 2030 powerlite x17 powerlite s18+ home cinema 725hd home cinema 730hd home cinema 2000 powerlite s17 powerlite x24+ powerlite 1284 powerlite 97 eb-x24 powerlite 98 eb-s03 eb-w28 eh-tw5200 eh-tw5100 powerlite 1222 powerlite 965 powerlite 99w powerlite hc 2030 eb-w18 powerlite w17 eB-940 EB-945 EB-950W EB-955W EB-965 EB-97 EB-98 EB-S120 EB-S17 EB-S200 EB-SXW03 EB-SXW18 EB-W03.

Compatible models: elplp78 /v13h010L78 with housing, fully tested before leaving the factory. 3500 hours life, eco mode longer life, 3000 lumens brightness. Araca offers a 200-day warranty and if the bulb fails, we will immediately replace it for free or give you a refund.
BrandAraca #ad
ManufacturerAraca #ad
Part NumberEPNP-49-Cdd



COOBAN ELPLP88 /ELPLP78 Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb with Housing for Epson Home Cinema 2045 2030 1040 VS240 EX5250 EX9200 EX7235 EX7220 EX7230 EX7240 EX5220 EX3240 EX3220 ELPLP87(Limited time)

COOBAN #ad - However, our engineers solved this problem by continuously collecting big data and testing. Compatible models: ex7240 ex3240 ex9200 vs240 h719a eb-u04 eb-x31 eh-tw5350 ex5240 ex5250 h692a h718a h682 h683 vs340 vs345 eh-tw5350s eh-tw5300 eh-tw5210eb-x04 eb-w420 eb-w32 eb-w31 eb-w29 eb-w130 eb-w04 eb-u32 eb-u130 eb-s31 eb-s04, powerlite home cinema 2040 1040 2045 740hd 640 powerlite x27 w29 s27 1264 1224 99WH 98H 97H 965H 955WH 750HD.

Limited time salecompatibility:sometimes you may encounter a situation where the new bulb you bought does not work. This is usually caused by inaccurate matching of production parameters. 3000 lumens brightness, 3800 hours life, ECO mode longer life. We always provide customers with high-quality and more practical service items. Elplp88 /elplp78 with housing. Limited time salelamp life:increasing the brightness of the bulb seems to be an easy task, The most difficult thing to break through is how to extend the life of the bulb.

We did it. Compatible models: powerlite home cinema 730hd 725hd 2030 2000 600 725hd powerlite x24+ x17 w17 s18+ 99w 98 97 965 955w 1284 1262w 1222 1263w w15+ w18+, ex7230 ex7235 ex5220 ex3220 ex5230 ex6220 ex7220 eb-s18 eh-tw410 eh-tw5200 vs230 vs330 vs335w eh-tw570 eh-tw5100 eh-tw490 eb-x24 eb-w28 eb-w18 eb-s03 eb-940 eb-945 EB-950W EB-955W EB-965 EB-97 EB-98. Limited time saleassure:cooban provides 200-day free replacement or full refund warranty service.
BrandCOOBAN #ad
ManufacturerCOOBAN #ad



YOSUN V13h010L78 Projector Lamp for Epson ELPLP78 Powerlite Home Cinema 2030 2000 730hd 725hd 600 vs230 vs330 vs335w ex3220 ex6220 ex7220 ex7230 ex7235 Projector Replacement Bulb

YOSUN #ad - If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will contact you within 12 hours. Compatible modules: for epson powerlite home cinema 2030 home cinema 2000 home cinema 730hd home cinema 725hd home cinema 600 powerlite 1222 1262w 1263w 1284 965 97 98 99w vs230 vs330 vs335w ex3220 ex6220 ex7220 ex7230 pro ex7235 pro wireless ex5220 wireless eb-945 955w 965 s17 s18 sxw03 sxw18 w18 w22 x18 x20 x24 X25 EH-TW490 TW5200 HC2000 HC2030 HC725HD HC730HD S17 S18+ W15+ W17 W18+ X17 X24+ CB-W28 Projector.

Warranty and return: 180 Days Warranty and 30 days Refund. Installation and safty: When installing the projector, wait for the old lamp to cool down before replacing it. Yosun projector lamp bulb with same functioning as your original one. Perfectly match and compatible for your Projector.
BrandYOSUN #ad
ManufacturerYOSUN #ad
Part NumberELP-LP78

7. Molgoc


Powerlite 965 Projector Replacemet Lamp by Molgoc Without Filter, for EPSON ELPLP78 / V13H010L78 EH-TW490 EB-X18,EB-X24, EH-TW5200 EH-TW570, EH-TW5100

Molgoc #ad - If the lamp socket on the projector is dark or dusty, please use tools or cleaners. Thanks for shop with us. Clean the connector before installing a new lamp. If you have any questions during installation and use, please contact us through the Amazon platform, and we will definitely answer you in time.

Make sure that the new lamp is installed in the correct position, and the lamp cover should be closed before plugging in the power source of the projector. Installation and security: you will find it is quite easy to install it into your TV as the ways you are taking out your old lamp. Molgoc professional solutions is an MA200W replacement that provides the best picture quality, brightness, and lifespan. With premium housing, powerlite 965, eb-965, eb-x25, eb-945, eh-tw5100, eb-w120, eh-ex7220, eb-w18, eh-tw490, eb-w28, eb-x24, eb-950w, powerlite 1262w, eb-x200, eb-x120, eb-97, eb-w22, eb-s200, powerlite 1263w, eb-s17, eb-x18, ;eh-tw410, eb-w17, eh-tw570; eh-ex3220, eb-s120, eh-ex5220, eb-s18, eb-x17, eb-98, powerlite 955w, eb-sxw18, eb-x03, eb-sxw03, minimize installation time to make sure your device is back in action quick! Compatible with the following television models: epson eb-940, EB-S03, eb-w03, powerlite 1284, eh-tw5200, eh-ex7230;epson powerlite 1222, eh-ex6220, eb-955w, eb-x20, Pow.

It is not electric, shut down your TV when you install it. Be aware of the connector make sure it connected well. Before installing a new lamp, please carefully check the lamp socket on the projector.
BrandMolgoc #ad
ManufacturerMolgoc #ad



ABITAN ELPLP78 / V13H010L78 Replacement Projector Lamp for ELPLP78 for Epson EX7220 EX7230 EX5220 EX7235 EX6220 EX3220 EX5230 TW5200 TW410 VS230 VS335W VS330 EB-S18 EH-TW5200 Projector with Housing…

ABITAN #ad - The abitan: we are a professional manufacture and supplier of light source for projection and stage, with more than 10 years experience;. Amazing brightness: 2500 lumens of color and white brightness ideal for displaying large-group presentations, spreadsheets and videos, even in well-lit rooms.

Warranty: include with every projector lamp we sell is our trusted 365-Day Guarantee. If you order a projector lamp from our company and you ara not satisfied for any reason, you may send the projector lamp back for a full refund or an exchange. Compatible modules: ex7230 ex5220 ex7235 vs230 ex7220 ex3220 ex5230 vs335w ex6220 vs330 eb-s18 v13h010l78 home cinema 2030 powerlite x17 powerlite s18+ home cinema 725hd home cinema 730hd home cinema 2000 powerlite s17 powerlite x24+ powerlite 1284 powerlite 97 eb-x24 powerlite 98 eb-s03 eb-w28 eh-tw5200 eh-tw5100 powerlite 1222 powerlite 965 powerlite 99w powerlite hc 2030 eb-w18 powerlite w17 eb-940 EB-945 EB-950W EB-955W EB-965 EB-97 EB-98 EB-S120 EB-S17 EB-S200 EB-SXW03 EB-SXW18 EB-W03 EB-W;.

Great price and excellent brightness and picture quality same as OEM.
BrandABITAN #ad
ManufacturerABITAN #ad
Part NumberLP78-A

9. LBTbate


ELPLP78/87/88 V13H010L78/87/88 Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb for Epson PowerLite HomeCinema 1040 2045 2040 2030 S31+ W29 X36+ H719A EB-S04 EX7240 VS240 VS340 EX9200 740HD Projector Lamp with housing

LBTbate #ad - But please pay attention to the connector to ensure proper connection, please turn off the projector and wait until it cool down when installing it. Why select lbtbate brandlbtbate is a professional manufacturer of the projector and accessories, we will strictly test and control the raw materials of the bulb which can ensure the high quality of our projector bulb.

Installation & safetyyou will find that it is very easy to install the bulb into the projector just like you removing an old lamp. It adopts a new generation of A+ wick, which makes the picture more outstanding and clear, as bright and durable as the original bulb. Compatible modelthis elplp78/87/88 projector lamp bulb with housing suitable for epson eb-97h/945h/955wh/965h/97h/98h/s04/s130/s27/s29/s300/s31/u04/u130/u32/w04/w130/w29/w31/w32 /w420/x04/x130/x27/x29/x300/x31/x350/x36 eh-tw5210/tw5300/tw5350/tw5350s ex3240/5240/5250/7240/9200 h682/683/686/687/688/690/691/692/694/716/717/718/719/720/721/722/723/730/763/764 powerlite1224/1264/740hd/955wh/965h/97h/98h/99wh/hc1040/hc2040/HC2045/HC640/S27/W29/X27 VS240 VS340 VS345 etc.

It has the same brightness and durable wick as the original bulb. 4000 hours lifetime bulbthe lbtbate projector replacement lamp has a lifespan of up to 4000 hours, That means if you use 5 hours everyday on workday, it is 3 Years lifetime. 90% of buyers use it in home theaters, classrooms and offices, and have a strong sense of experience the brightness and clarity of the light bulb. High quality as the original bulblbtbate projector lamp is a 100% compatible high-quality replacement projector bulb for Epson ELPLP78/87/88. Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement.
BrandLBTbate #ad
ManufacturerLBTbate #ad
Height3.94 Inches
Length4.33 Inches
Width3.94 Inches

10. Mogobe


For ELPLP78 Replacement Projector Lamp for Home Cinema 2030 EX3220 EX5220 EX6220 EX7220 EX7230 by MogobeEconomic

Mogobe #ad - We offer 30 days refund and 180 days replacement. Compatible for: ex3200 ex5220 ex6220 ex7220 EX7230 Mogobe is responsible for all the item descriptions.

Part number: ELPLP78. Eh-tw410 eh-tw490 eh-tw5100 eh-tw5200 eh-tw570 ex3220 ex5220 ex5230 ex6220 ex7220 ex7230 ex7235 h550c h551c h552c h553c h554b h554c h555b h555c h556c h557c h558c h566c h567c h568c h569c h570c h571c h572c h573 h574c h575c h576c h577c h578c h579c h580c h581c h582c h583c h654c h664c powerlite 1222 1262w 1263w 1284 955w 965 97 98 99w powerlite ex7230 pro ex7235 pro powerlite home cinema 2000 2030 725hd 730hd s17 s18+ w15+ w17 w18+ x17 x24+ vs230 vs330 VS335W.
BrandMogobe #ad
ManufacturerMogobe #ad
Height50 Centimeters
Length100 Centimeters
Weight100 Kilograms
Width100 Centimeters
Part NumberELPLP78-HE